meet the miracle workers

Hi there, and welcome to miracle marketing!

Mikaela Delia- Founder/Client Relations

B.S. Marketing, 5 Years Marketing Management in Agency Setting

Mikaela Delia-Founder of miracle marketing, Head of Client Relations

A little bit about me, I’ve worked professionally doing all facets of marketing management in a corporate setting for over 5 years. I quit corporate life because I felt deep in my gut that the universe was pulling me in another direction, and as someone who believes deeply in the flow of the universe and releasing yourself to the flow of energy, I knew the time had come for me to finally fight my fears, quit the comfort of corporate security, and do what I was supposed to be doing all along. Enter miracle marketing!

Kyle Drier- Partner/Business Operations

Google Ads Certified, Business Strategist, Small Business Consultant

Kyle Drier- Partner/Business Operations

I enjoy working to help others reach their dreams through entrepreneurship and small business ownership. When I was younger, I dropped out of my business management program to pursue my own dream. I started a small business from scratch which I grew and managed for almost 5 years before selling. I managed all the marketing, budgeting, social media, business operations, PR, and team building myself, so I know what takes. I believe life, like a new business, is all about growth. Always trust your gut and don’t be afraid to roll the dice.

About miracle marketing

miracle marketing focuses on helping small businesses and start-ups expand through the means of online marketing, no matter the scope of their budget. I feel a strong connection to people who have also freed themselves from fear and took action to start their own empire within their life purpose. These people unleashed themselves from the cage, went for it, and are actively pursuing their passion every day, even in times of uncertainty. I myself am one of those people and naturally gravitate toward others who are cut from the same cloth.

miracle marketing completely understands that someone who’s just starting something from the ground up, out of thin air, may not have the biggest budget to allocate to digital marketing despite how important it is in getting your name out there. That’s why we work with clients on their budget to produce big miracles no matter how small it may be.

miracle marketing believes in helping others live out their dreams which inadvertently allows me to live out mine! After all, happiness is a human right and we’re all entitled to our own happiness through the fruition of our dreams.

-The miracle marketing team