The Biggest Road Block to Becoming Your Own Boss

The concept of “being your own boss” is easier to achieve than you may think. The reason why we tend to write off working for ourselves is that from a young age, we’re taught that fear offers us some sort of comfort. The biggest roadblock to becoming your own boss- is you. Why we’re taught… Read More

5 Books for Small Business Owners That Will Change Your Life

Simply by being, you were meant to live an easy, carefree, and happy life. That is our gift as humans. Unfortunately, that gets shrouded and clouded by our parent’s fears, worries, anxieties, society and other outside factors that detach us from the pure and simple truth that we were meant to live easy, fearless, lives… Read More

Bored with your life? It’s because you stopped doing this

If you’ve lived even a few years on this earth, then you are well aware of how interesting, curious and unexpectedly beautiful life is. You know that the earth offers mysterious wonders, and you might’ve even learned that life is short. And we only get one. That being said, it’s easy for us to become… Read More

How being positive can change your cirumstances

We’ve all had someone tell us to “stay positive” when we’ve divulged to them our current woe or misfortune. Frankly, after someone would say that to me, in my head I almost immediately would think “Easy for YOU to say. I’m going to sit here in my misery and self-pity until I feel better.” It… Read More