The Biggest Road Block to Becoming Your Own Boss

The concept of “being your own boss” is easier to achieve than you may think. The reason why we tend to write off working for ourselves is that from a young age, we’re taught that fear offers us some sort of comfort. The biggest roadblock to becoming your own boss- is you.

Why we’re taught to fear

Fear, often taking the form of self-sabotage, doubt, worry, anxieties, or other “I can’t”s, “I’ll never”s or “why bother”s is the biggest reason why as we get older, we give up on our big hopes and dreams for ourselves. The unfair part is that these fears were placed into our head by our parents, society, and others.

For example, how many of you wanted to be an artist, photographer, singer, astronaut, etc. when you were younger? And as you got older and were fed “you’ll never make a living”, “it’s really hard to get into that school”, or “you have to be really XYZ to do that” your big dreams went somewhere to die, and now you seek comfort in a job you may not like, working for a boss you don’t connect with, and or in a career you never wanted to do in the first place.

Being your own boss and chasing the dreams you once had means first and foremost doing some work on your overall outlook on life. It means plugging into the divine energy all around you and seeking comfort in faith and not in fear.

You can do this simply with positive thinking.

Bear with us- positive thinking is so much more than a cliché on Instagram or an influencer’s preachy speech on LinkedIn. Positive thinking is a core belief, that when practiced daily can limit your fears, self-sabotaging beliefs, and can create miracles.

Where do you think we got our name?

Miracles happen to those who have faith and believe that something good is coming. It’s why every big thing that ever happened to humanity happened- because someone believed it could with 100% unwavering faith.

After you’ve changed your mindset to that of receiving miracles and having faith in uncertainty, all you have to do next is capitalize on your talents.

If you don’t know what your talents are, start by paying attention to what you do well, feedback from others, what you enjoy doing, and your natural character traits. Personality assessments, and overall, being more mindful and in tune with yourself can help you here.

Once you know what your talents are, you can begin to discover what you want to do to utilize them. Are you a great writer and enjoy writing? Be a freelance writer.

Once you come to the conclusion of what you actually want to be and do, time to start the research. We live in the age of information where technology allows you to learn about and become whatever your end goal is. Hop online, and start doing what it takes to become your own boss doing what you love.

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