Remembering the purpose behind your business efforts

Have you ever gotten so engrossed in a work initiative that you’ve narrowed in on specific tasks to the point where you forget why you were doing it in the first place? No, it’s not to roll out that campaign before this date, and no, it’s not because we need these done by then. It’s for something far greater, and all too often we forget what that is.

Let’s zoom out a bit. Stay with me, because we’re goin’ “far out, man”.

Everything we do in our professions is to, essentially, help make our business profitable. But it doesn’t stop there. Every business has a greater purpose that they aim to achieve through their products or service, enveloped in their brand. It’s a purpose that ultimately the public can support, they hold higher than others in their market, and employees typically align with.

Here’s an example. The makeup giant “Sephora’s” purpose is NOT to sell makeup. Their purpose and mission are to “empower fearlessness.” They simply achieve this greater purpose by selling makeup products.

Another example: Tesla’s greater purpose isn’t to sell innovative technology. Tesla’s great purpose is to “Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Re-align yourself with your business’s greater purpose. A business’s greater purpose helps attract those with a similar purpose, naturally creating a healthy flow of profits because they’re on the same energy frequency.

Does your business have any spirituality, or does it feel like your efforts are non-stop and under-appreciated?

In order to be successful, you have to remember the philosophy behind the job/company/career and remember that any task you do is a capillary of that purpose.

One thing you should ask yourself: “does my business’s purpose align with my greater purpose?”

You’re going to be more successful if your business’s greater purpose aligns with your own personal one. It’s never too late to explore your greater purpose as well.

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