How to get rid of fear

Fear is literally the number one thing that works against you when you take on new initiatives. We’re not talking fear of spider, snakes, or small spaces.

No, no, we’re talking the little tiny seeds of doubt that are sprinkled on just about everything we do throughout the day. Those tiny seeds of doubt and fear are invasive! They compromise your hopefulness, positivity, and will to succeed.

The worst part is, those seeds of doubt don’t even naturally come from you. They come from what you’ve learned, seen around you, or what you’ve allowed other’s to tell you what to believe.

In order to put your tiny of seeds of doubt and fear to rest, you must unlearn. Unlearn all the things people have told you about what you need to do in order to fit their vision of what’s successful, unlearn everything that other people have told you is hard, and unlearn to be trapped by man-made constraints such as things like money or stuff.

When you stop giving power to your little seeds of doubt and fear, you learn to be free to pursue what you really want and what will give you your idea of happiness.

The next time you’re doing a task or have an idea and a seed of doubt in the form of a “what-if” or something else pops up in your mind, I want you to pretend it’s a little flame that you have to extinguish. I want you to extinguish it immediately by thinking the complete opposite of that doubt.

If you don’t extinguish it, it’ll rise up into a big flame and completely engulf your certainty and faith in your task or idea and will burn it down. Put it out, stomp on it, and proceed full force ahead knowing that you have control and just ride on that faith.

Everything else is figure-out-able should you need to.

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