How to have an engaging meeting

The majority of what you communicate is non-verbal. This means that what you aren’t saying, is still being heard, loud and clear.

Think of it this way, if you go into a romantic date feeling awkward and tense, it’s most definitely going to be an awkward and tense date…unless your date’s vibes are calm, cool, collected and stronger than your awkward ones. In which case, their vibes can influence how you feel.

Your energy and vibes are picked up by other people.

Using this principle, your vibes have the power to influence how any meeting can go, and they have the power to engage or disengage your audience- whether it’s one person, a few, or a whole room.

Here’s what you need to do to set the tone for an engaging meeting, no matter what it may be about:

Awareness- Being aware of your sabotaging attitude about the meeting can help you address it and change it. If you have fears and anxiety, dig deep, “Why am I nervous?” Or, if you fear that the audience may be bored with the information, ask yourself, “Is it the information that’s making them bored, or me?”

Attitude- Your vibes and your attitude go hand in hand. A negative attitude emits negative vibes, and negative vibes are read by your audience.
You need to actively change your attitude prior to reaching your audience. And sometimes, you may have to force it, or even “fake it until you make it”.

Even faking a good attitude can eventually feel good enough to change your negative one. Don’t be phony, just think positive thoughts and let them take over.

3. Preparation- You should know this one from grade school and doing presentations throughout your academic career. The 6 P’s can help anyone feel good about going into a meeting:

Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Presentations (yeah, I said it). Be fully prepared, have jokes, have a good attitude, think positive thoughts.

4. Read the audience- You have your audience’s attention the minute you walk in a room. The goal is to keep it. You can do this by reading the vibes of your audience, just as they’re doing to you. You have the power to elevate engaging vibes and keep their attention, here’s how you can do that:

Invoke emotions- humor, agreement, fascination (always a good one), fear (not the best, but still effective). A good presenter invokes as many as they can throughout their meeting, all you have to do is naturally feel your audience.

Get them involved- don’t be afraid to single people out, but never make anyone feel awkward. Ask questions, get them to raise their hands, and tell their own stories.

Most humans share the same frustrations, work with that in different ways. Don’t be afraid to go off topic!

5. Every audience is a fresh start- Every audience gives you a chance to be better. To have better more positive vibes, to be more engaging, to present the information in new and creative ways. Reflect on where you faltered, and always aim to improve!


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